Fred Vos

English site. Link to my Dutch site (fermenting foods and vegetable gardening):


2012-12-24 Started using my CMS on live system.

I used Lighttpd for some years to serve static dumps of sites built earlier using Apache Cocoon. These sites were not updated. Last month I switched to new content and a new design for my sites and used my own CMS to generate the sites. I started with static dumps, copied to the server running Lighttpd. Today I switched my sites to FCMSJ running under Tomcat6 with an Apache2 frontend on an Ubuntu Server virtual machine. Most of the configuration is maintained using Puppet.

2012-11-04 Start of a new site

A new site replaces the very outdated old site. The site is an HTML5 site, but still uses a lot of XHTML 1.0 constructs. I'm learning HTML5. As I learn more, I'll use more and more HTML5 constructs.

The new site has a new clean and simple look and uses a simple CMS that I built myself: FCMSJ, which stands for Freds Content Management System for Java. There are hundreds of CMSs, but I couldn't find one as simple as the one I built, with all features I needed and only the features I needed. Since I like developing software, the process of making the CMS was fun. Some of the content of the old site still has to be converted to the new site.

The site is not ready yet. I need to convert more content (especially the sites section) from the old site to this site and add a lot more content. Currently I'm using a static dump from my CMS.