Washington DC 2012 - Day 2


I walked all day. I started with a walk along Rock Creek, a creek that passes my hotel at a few hundred meters. Rock Creek flows into the Potomac river. I followed the creek along its shores as long as possible. Sometimes it was a difficult path to follow. A few hundred meters before it flows into the Potomac, it wasn't possible anymore to safely follow the creek and I had to use the pavement. There I saw the Watergate Complex, famous for the scandal that forced president Nixon to resign. The '-gate' suffix for many scandals (i.e. Nannygate) is based on the Watergate scandal. Wikipedia has a list of scandals with the "-gate" suffix. After I reached the Potomac, I visited the following memorials and museum:

The Holocaust Museum was very impressive. The week after my trip to Washington DC, I visited Krakow in Poland and visited the sites of the former Auschwitz, Birkenau and the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camps. I saw horrible videos in this museum that I had never seen before. These videos shocked me. The museum also has thousands of shoes from the Auschwitz concentration camp. Since one can smell these shoes there, this display of shoes had more impact on me than the display of many more shoes in the Auschwitz museum. At the end of the visit I needed some time for myself in the Hall of Remembrance.

The Washington Memorial (obelisk) was closed due to damages caused by an earthquake in August 2011.

It seems that the Vietnam Memorial is going to be moved, since I saw the new location on Google Maps.

(will add images and days 3-8 soon)

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