Washington DC 2012 - Introduction

In November 2012 I visited Washington DC. It was my first trip ever to The United States. I stayed in Washington for one week. I organized my trip and booked my hotel myself. The hotel I stayed in was the Baron Hotel in the neighbourhood of the Dupont Circle and Calorama Heights where many embassies are located.

The basement of the hotel houses The Bier Baron Tavern, a pub serving hundreds of beers from around the world. I tried to stick to special American beers and cider. America has become a very interesting beer country, I learned in the evenings. It is rivaling Belgium in this respect. I did not drink a lot of beers. The busy program forced me to sleep a lot and thus go to bed early at 9 p.m.

During this week I visited lots of museums and memorials and other sites. The first day I travelled to Washington, checked into my hotel, had a dinner and a beer and went to bed. My report starts on day 2 on the next page.

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